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Original Corvette Documents

        Over the years I have obtained some original Corvette documents. Most are originals, some are copies, and some contain history for specific Corvettes.

Of particular importance is a recent acquisition of original 67 and 68 Corvette shipper’s Invoices from Union Chevrolet in Memphis Tennessee. These are more valuable than warranty booklet/Protecto-plate because all of the options are not listed on a Protectoplate. And they are more valuable than a tank sheet or build sheet because that document does not include a VIN. These Shippers Invoices include every detail about the Corvette and all of the annotations made by the selling dealer including the original purchaser, his trade-in, salesman’s name and even the dealer’s profit. Please see the scans below for an example of these papers.

Please contact me if you own one of these cars or if you know the location of any of these Corvettes.

NOTE: You may click on these documents to enlarge them.




Additional Corvette Documents

These include various Corvette documents including originals, copies, photos, registrations, titles, build sheets, Protectoplate Warantee booklets, shipper’s invoices, window stickers and history.


1963   30867S105542       1964   40837S116133         1967   194677S103937

30837S106880                                                                         194677S104278

30837S108065                  1965   194375S106412                 194377S109522

30837S109085                                                                         194377S113330

30837S109711                                                                         194677S113484

30867S113337                                                                         194677S115830

30837S113673                                                                         194677S116239

30837S117292                                                                         194677S116547

30837S118027                                                                         194377S119445

30867S120990                                                                         194377s122602

1968   194678S404847      1969   194379S724442       1971  194671S116953







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