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   Just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for helping finding out the owner history of my 1967 Coupe originally from California. I do not know how I would have been able to do this on my own.  You were thorough and kept in contact with me throughout the process.  It is very good to get the history all the way back to 1981. 
   The cost was very reasonable and I am very glad I decided to use your service.

   I can't tell you how gratifying it is to me to learn that my car is an honest example of my favorite car of all time.I am hoping to get to that last original owner here on my own but if that doesn't pan out, I will be in contact with you to hopefully get that last link to the original Southern California owner.



 S D

Hi Bill,
   I'll do the best that I can. Also, by the way I am buying the 57 Chevy afterall.
   I was the second owner of a real nice 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 2 door  hardtop. We completed a restoration to concours standards in 1986. I sold the car in 2004 and have regretted it ever since.
   Lately, I have had the bug to acquire another 1957 Chevy and my wife says " why don't we buy ours back?" I laughed and then started wondering what if?
   A friend of mine told me about Auto Ancestry . com. I pulled them up on line and filled out their required questionaire.. They review the information and then give you an idea of the chances of finding your vehicle and offer their services for a fee.
I paid the fee and dealt with a fellow named Bill Gould. He did a wonderful job of not only locating my car but kept me informed every step of the way. My car changed hands 4 times after me and ended up in New Zealand.
   If it were not for Bill Gould and Auto Ancestry I would have never found my car. The entire process took about 5 weeks right in the middle of the Christmas and New Years Holidays.
I would recommend Bill Gould and Auto Ancestry to anyone wanting to locate a collector car.
Ron G

Good morning Bill.


   You solved the final piece of the puzzle for me by finding Andy. Thought you might be interested in seeing a picture of Andy & Lynn Garner the original owners of my 64 Corvette. 

   I also found out that the original paperwork I have are actually the dealer’s paperwork that the guy Andy sold it to must have gotten because Russell Chevrolet has been closed for a long time.  Andy said he has his original paperwork and is going to send them to me! 

   I will then have both the dealer and first owners original sales paperwork!  

   I am also getting a picture of Russell Chevrolet from a member of the Russell family.  Seems no one including the local library had a picture of the dealership. 

   Anyway, once I establish documentation of ownership between 1978 and 1981, I’ll have all I want for my book.

Once I get the original window sticker and pictures of the Corvette when Andy owned it, I will have everything I could possibly ask for. 


   Thanks again for all your help!

   Best regards,

L. B.
York, SC

    I have a 1969 Plymouth Road Runner. I had tried for a solid year in writing, emailing, and calling, to nine state Department of Motor Vehicle facilities trying to find past ownership information about my Road Runner. I had all but given up trying as I had not found any information about it's history.

   Then in my mailbox came my copy of the August 2016 Mecum Auctions magazine. In the magazine was an article about a 1963 Z06 tanker Corvette and how Bill Gould of Auto Ancestry had helped the current owner find the previous owners. It said Bill primarily dealt with Corvettes but thought I would contact him anyway.

   Bill and I spoke on the phone and he warned me that sometimes he can not find any information. I totally knew what he was saying as I could not find any ownership history information on my Road Runner after a year of trying. I figured that I had nothing to loose so I commissioned Bill to begin his search.

   Within one week he knew who two of the previous owners were. Within three weeks he knew who the original owner was and the dealership where the car had been shipped to in 1969. I was amazed.

   But the real twist to the story is that Bill spoke to the third owner who purchased the car in 1972 and sold it in 1987 and always regretted selling it. After all it was his first car after he graduated from high school in 1972, used it as he and his wife's wedding car, and raised four children who all rode in it. His wife even used the Road Runner to drive to school in. Out of the blue here comes Bill's call to him. Immediately the previous owner wanted to know where the car was and if it was for sale.

   Bill had me call the previous owner and a deal was struck and the car is now going back to Texas to the owner who regretted selling it 30 years ago.

   The previous owner brought one of the original 48 year old ignition keys to the transfer of ownership transaction and used it to start the car. That brought tears to his eyes, as well mine, when he knew for a fact this was his long lost car that he always wanted back. The previous owner and his life long wife who honeymooned in the car were both present at the transaction. It was a reunion like no other.

   I am not saying Bill can work magic but in my case he not only found the previous owners that I had hoped to find but sold my car and made a previous owner and his wife and their family very happy. A very magical and amazing story. 

   I can never thank you enough for all you did for me and the happiness that you bought to Roy and Mary.


Longmont, Colorado


   Just a note of appreciation for the work you did on the history of my 1965 C2 Corvette.  As you know I bought the car in the US and had it shipped to my home in Australia. It came with minimal paperwork and while I knew it was structurally and mechanically strong, there was the nagging concern that it may not be the car it had been represented to be. 

Thanks to your excellent work in tracking down and speaking to the previous owners of the car and logging the key dates in its history,  I am in the happy situation of knowing my car is, in fact, pretty much the vehicle I had been led to believe it was.  I also have some new information on it which is very helpful. I could have never done this work myself, especially living in Australia.


Thank you very much. With best wishes,


Rob W.
Melbourne, Australia


I have to say that I’m somewhat disappointed by the fact that the engine is not original. I thought I had an all original car!  I don’t have a large investment into the car, regardless, that’s the side of this hobby I don’t care for at all!  I also believe that I was not mislead by the forth owner Don. I believe he thought he had an original  car….  On the brighter side, I have the history of the car and I will pass that along if I ever decide to sell it!   

However, I have no disappointments on how you conducted your business with me, regardless of the outcome!  Coming from a service business myself for 18 years, I appreciate integrity, honesty, quality and customer satisfaction and that’s exactly what I received from your service.  You kept me in the loop as you dug further into the history of the car and emailed me updated information consistently.  I would have no hesitation in recommending your service to fellow NCRS members or even car enthusiast who what to know the history of their car.   In fact, if I decide to purchase an ALL original car someday, you will be contacted by me…  

The cost is more than reasonable for the service and information I received from you!   You have a really nice business, I only hope that it will continue to prosper in the future.


Thanks for your Service,

Rick L. 

   Forty years ago I purchased a 1963 corvette.  I have many fond memories of time spent with the corvette, but as the years wore on I had the desire to learn more about it's origins and reunite with it's past.  I made several attempts at locating former owners with the little information I had and each time would run up against dead-ends. Then someone I had been working with told me what amazing work Bill Gould does at Auto Ancestry.  I talked it over with my family and for the most part they didn't have high expectations that I would gain much more history than that which I already had, and I must admit I had my doubts also.  Hadn't I already tried every avenue possible?  Yet, I couldn't stop thinking about it and so I contacted Bill.  It was only a week or so before I got my first email from Bill with small bits of information and at times he seemed to be going around in circles like I had. However, soon I could see he was getting somewhere, and each day I would find another email with yet more information- once he found the scent, he was on the trail and it was so exciting to go along with him. I couldn't wait to check emails every evening. After a few weeks I had more information than I dreamed possible and the most wonderful part was the call I got to make to a previous owner who shared my love for the car and wishes he never sold it- now perhaps he'll get to drive his dream car once again. I look forward to pictures from it's past and in turn I will send pictures of the car today.  I connected with others from the cars past- completing the story of my car.  Thanks Bill for an amazing job.  I can't put into words what this means to me.
Larry C.

A big thank you for all the researching & history you found on my 1964 Corvette coupe. I was more than pleased on the many previous owners you located, including the first three plus 7 more previous owners. The information that you were able to collect was very interesting. I am very pleased with the service you provided and would recommend you for tracing ownership/history and gathering documentation on your car. Bill made a connection with the past on my 1964 Corvette coupe for me, that on my own I would never have  reached.

My name is John S. and in 2009 I purchased the car of my dreams. I tried to search the past owners and history of the car but came to a dead end. I called NCRS(National Corvette Restorers Society) and gave them my vin number and they were able to determine where the car was delivered to when it left the G.M. plant, thanks to www.chevy muscle
docs.com. My car was delivered to the Chevrolet Zone Office, in El Paso Texas. I needed to know more. The gentleman I spoke to at NCRS was Eric Mortimer and he recommended me to a gentleman named Bill Gould at www.AutoAncestry.com. The rest is history. With a little information and the names of two previous owners of my car Bill was able to trace the car'shistory back to its original owners and I was able to talk to them and even found out that the mileage on the car is original, the driveline is original ,etc. on this rare low production 1967 Camaro SS 396. This was all done in July 2015 and I wish I would have known about Billy Gould and www. Auto Ancestry .com sooner. For me it was like  hitting the lottery, and at a very reasonable price. He is very honest and will tell right from the start if he could help you or not. I would recommend this service to anyone that might want to know if the car they own is the real deal or would like to know the car’s past history. I have another car that I am going to have him research as soon as I gather all the information I can to give to him. I seriously cannot thank Bill enough.THANK YOU ,
  Sincerely, John S  Valencia





Just want to thank you for the great job you did researching my 55 Chevy. I mainly wanted to know about the restoration and you really came through. Spoke to the restorer and got some great info. Nice doing business with you.





 Sincerely, L. M.
 New York



I have to say that without a doubt you have done an excellent job. Truly, I can't say I am happy about the outcome as obviously after all the $$ & time I spent searching for a maroon/white 65 fuelie has blown up in my face. The only thing I didn't receive from you is a notarized letter from the "BIG GUY" upstairs saying it was a 365 car. I will enjoy this car as is & perhaps one day even bring it back to what it was.
Yesterday’s note about it being a real PW car was great as my friend (a corvette restorer) saw REAL tell tail signs under the dash that proved it to him months ago without a doubt. I will send over some pics to John now & I'd love to see what she looked like when he had her.
It's a real shame Bill that people can be such scum bags in a hobby (to me at least) where we can all enjoy each others stories & memories about these great cars without trickery & deception. It will ALL come back to them some day---
Anyways, I've had enough with the 65 & would now rather move on.I HOPE OUR LETTERS & CONVERSATIONS



I began the search for a Corvette aiming high by looking for a Fuel Injected 1963 Split window.  There were a number of cars in the marketplace and it seemed easy to find one.  I was looking for a documented car with originality including the original engine block and past history.  This is where the Seller descriptions turned in Seller Fairy Tales.  Fake documents, phony judging records, restamped components everywhere. Cars built out of thin air.

Then I hired Bill Gould, my guide in the Corvette Jungle.  Tracking down the supposed "original buyer" of a 1963 Fuel injected Corvette to discover that sweet 71 year old Mae whose name was on the Protectoplate had in fact owned an Impala not a Corvette. Saved by Mr Gould from a car with a story as sound as Jello. Months later and several (fake) cars later, we worked to document a fully original  authentic car with no story other than the real one that has a happy ending.

The best money you will spend finding a car that will hold up to inspection and retain its value will be the money spent with Bill.  Best decision I ever made.

Peter D.

(Photo white 68 Corvette)



I just want to give you a follow up on my 1968 POP and the original owner address info you gave me. With the info you gave me I was able to contact the original owner by mail. He returned a very nice letter with pictures and confirmed he was the first owner.


I can't thank you enough for the help.

  J. C.
I would like to thank you for all the hard work you did in researching the history of my 1963 coupe.  With the limited information I gave you, I wasn't going to get my hopes up that much would be found.  However, I was more than pleasantly surprised when you started to send me updates as to your research.  After receiving the archive copies from North Carolina you located the previous three owners along with contact information.  I am in touch with them to find out what they can provide as to the time they owned the vehicle. 
It's very interesting and quite a coincidence that five of the owners, including myself were all members of the US Air Force.  I also enjoyed the email between the original owner and yourself concerning the time the two of you were in Vietnam, I have no doubt you both have a tale to tell.
Again I thank you for all the hard work.  If I know of anyone wanting to research their vehicle, I will definitely recommend they contact you, they will not be disappointed.  I am also very happy with the Autophile I purchased, my file was becoming quite a mess and definitely needed organized.
  Sincerely,  D.W.



   After many attempts in several years, I finally gave up on contacting the original owner of my Sunfire yellow 1966 Sting Ray coupe. I had a copy of the original sales invoice, the "Protect-O-Plate", and even the original owner's name. I even contacted the selling dealer, who, after all these years, was still in business at the same location. All of this led to a dead end. I decided after 30 years of ownership to restore the Sting Ray. It was then that I decide to run an ad in the NCRS Driveline seeking information regarding the original owner. I received an e-mail from Bill advising that he had located the owner. I was a little suspicious at first. Bill then sent an e-mail with a message from the owner, as well as her e-mail address.
   At this point, I knew this was not a scam and that Bill actually had the information that I sought. Further contact with the original owner brought some valuable information, including some owner history and old photos. I am very pleased with the service that Bill provides, and highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about tracing past ownership. I don't know how he does it, but he is very good at what he does!
J. B.  




I have owned my 65 327/350 Factory A/C Corvette convertible for 24 years. I had no more information on it than what I was told when I bought it. I was only able to trace it to 1981. And that information was incomplete.  I was told, but had no verification, that the car was owned by actor Scott Baio during the mid to late 80's. Bill was able to trace my car all the way back to the second owner from 1966, who owned the car for 15 years. The gentleman sent me a picture and spoke with me at length from his years as owner. Bill was also able to find the classic car dealer who sold and bought the car back from Scott Baio and get me two pictures of him with the car to verify his ownership. Bill found and spoke with every owner from 1966 to the current day and provided me a chronology to keep. I would recommend his services to any devoted owner looking for the history of their prized collector car.
Newport Beach, CA

Fake 1963 Z06 Corvette Detected and Confirmed
  It is necessary to maintain confidentiality so no details will be provided. A client asked AutoAncestry to authenticate a very expensive 63 Corvette  Z06 by tracing its ownership history . After locating and speaking with many owners it was determined that the car was a “clone” that has long been accepted as a real Z06. The owner who cloned the car about 30 years ago readily admitted that he cloned a Z06 and sold it on a bill of sale so stating that fact.Eventually that fact was hidden by a subsequent owner. Unfortunately, after many years the car has been accepted as a real Z06 . Although the last owner and the dealer who sold him the car initially did not believe that the car was a clone, an expert was brought in to confirm that the car was not a real Z06. This situation is representative of the troubles and financial loss that can result when a Corvette’s original configuration is modified.  
Anonymous Owner



   Thank you so much Bill for the incredible work! I never thought it would be possible to trace back so far and get in touch with so many former owners. I can truly recommend Bill and Auto Ancestry.

    Last summer (2012) I realized my childhood dream car, a midyear Corvette. I found the 1965 convertible in Germany where it had just arrived from an auction in Florida. It was love at first sight! There was not much documentation available that came with  the car so I started my own investigation before buying it.  With the helpof the title I could find out and give the previous owner a call and talk

more about the car.  Unfortunately, he didn't know much about previous owners either, but he gave me some information which helped me to trace the car back to 2007, but here I hit a dead end. The shipping data report provided by NCRS did unfortunately not help me to start looking from the other end, so I thought that the only possibility would be to find someone that is specialised in these type of researches. As a new member of NCRS I started to receive the NCRS magazine and it was here where I found Auto Ancestry. A quick email describing my situation, and a confirmation from Bill that we should be able to find out more information initiated the further investigation. I'm very impressed on how Bill works, using different sources, channels and ways I would not have thought of. Also, his experience in this area and interest of cars makes the whole process smooth. During the whole time I was also being updated about the progress of the search.

   I now have a complete list of 15 previous owners and have already been in contact with many of them. I've been able to basically go from a 'blank sheet' to a complete documentation of the history of the car, including old photos. I know a lot more of my car now which would never had been possible without the help of Bill and Auto Ancestry.

Roger L.


Hi Bill,

Just a quick note to say thank you for all the information you uncovered with regards to my Nova. Thanks to you I have been able to speak to three previous owners about the history of the car and they all had good things to say about your professionalism when contacting them for information. I would not hesitate to contact you in the future for more help in uncovering information about my cars. I'm enclosing a picture of the Nova so that you may see what you were working on.

         Custom Car Colors 



    Thanks so much for the Autophile binder.  My collection of historical documents, pictures, and purchase receipts were beginning to take over my work area. I recently purchased your product and it provided much more than I expected.  The ability to document my car as it came from the factory, detail the owner history of the car, capture the detailed parts numbers and data codes on each component of the car, and organize what I have bought and what I want for the car.  All of this kept in one neatly divided package. 

I was able to populate all my items in one location to track and document everything I know about the car and am forcing myself to document other things singled out in your product.   I could not be happier with the final product and am now able to share the history with other people that want to know about my car.  It reads like a book after filling the pages and who would not like that. 

I loved it so much I bought one for my dad. 

Thanks for a wonderful product..  




 Robert again said he has it but does not know where it is.   

Fast forward till last week when Robert emailed D..... and told him he had the POP and they negotiated a price of $......for the POP, original glove box items and maintenance records dating back to the 70's, along with pictures he took when he picked up and drove the car home.  They arranged for him to come to our house and see the car and deliver the items. Then today, he shows up with wife and youngest daughter (on their way to look at colleges for her) and delivers all of the documentation.  He takes pictures with us and provides us with his personal cell number telling us he'd like to keep in touch.  Just a regular car guy. 

In any event, I now have the original POP, radio pocket guide, owner's manual and a considerable about of repair receipts from back in the day.  Go figure.

Thought you'd like to know that the documentation is now united with the car. 

Enjoy the holiday.

For the past two months my son D... and Robert  (prior owner of my Corvette and holder of the POP) have been emailing each other and discussing various aspects of my Corvette.  Unexpectedly, Robert provided us with a full history of the car's previous owners to day one and commentary about finding the car in a barn in Altoona, PA.  They got to discussing the infamous POP and


To anyone interested in tracing the history of their car I would highly recommend Bill. The purchase of my 1972 was the culmination of a 40 year dream and as I worked with the car I couldn’t help but wonder about her past owners. I had heard great things about Bill’s work and decided to contact him regarding the search. I had gotten very little paperwork with the car but using the two names we had Bill was able in a short amount of time trace the owners back to 1977. And what an interesting life the car has had since then. In 1977 she was the first car of the 16 year old son of a Grand Ole Opry legend, owned by a Corvette enthusiast, and possibly at least one unsavory
character. The hour long phone conversation with the former 16 year old was worth the search fee alone. Though we haven’t found the original owner I feel certain every avenue was explored and with any luck we’ll catch a break and find him yet. Bill was a pleasure to work with and again I can’t recommend him enough.
Glenn C


Hello Bill,

    My car is a 1940 Lasalle woodie station wagon. The body of this car was custom built on a Lasalle commercial chassis on 1940 by the Meteor Motor Car Company of Piqua, Ohio. Because this is a unique car I thought there has to be a good story behind it. I knew almost nothing about it when I bought a pile of rust and splinters in 1997. I have done extensive research on my own and learned a lot. A previous owner of the car was a horseshoer in St. Louis. One of his 'customers' during the time he owned the car was the Budweiser Clydesdales. Despite all the stuff I discovered about the car, progress in my research kind of petered out. I was up against a wall. I saw Bill Gould's Auto Ancestry ad in Hemmings and thought I would give it a

 try. Bill found newspaper articles about the horseshoer that I missed. He researched the family tree of the horseshoer to see if there were living relatives who remembered the car. Bill contacted one relative and persuaded her to talk to me. I contacted her many years before and she was previously reluctant to talk to me. Between Bill and myself, I think we found about all there is to find out there about this 1940 Lasalle woodie. The restoration  is about halfway finished.

Tom Boehm




    My 1969 Corvette L89 has had three previous owners. The third owner was deceased when your effort began and the original owner passed away after you first made contact with him.  Consequently hard evidence was not uncovered; however your conversations with spouses, relatives, girlfriends, mechanics, etc. all supported the same original L89 configuration of the car. The original owner was willing to sign a notarized affidavit stating the colors and options on the car as delivered from the dealer.  Unfortunately he was very ill and passed away without being able to sign the document but gave his spouse the approval to sign and return the affidavit for him which she did. Under these unfortunate circumstances it was still a positive effort.  Your emails documented the persons contacted, their responses and your evaluation of the information received. Thank you for your research.


          C W



Original L88 Owner Found


"I want to thank Bill Gould from Auto Ancestry for helping me locate the original owner of my 69 L88 researched by Drew Papsun as the last documented L88 Convertible. After searching for over a year I hit a dead end, as I knew who the original owner was but could not locate them. So I called Bill for some help. In a matter of weeks he had an address and phone number for me. After many letters to the owner she finally called me after I found her deceased husband�s class ring from 1970 El Cajon Hill HS that had the initials of MJW. The ring was wedged in the center shift boot area and lost since 1974. Here is one photo which was sent by the original owner�s widow when they brought the new car home from the dealer in January 1970 when they were 18 years old and his father (who was a doctor) bought the L88 for him. I have also sent a photo of the car as it looks today."


 T.M. The Concrete Cowboy
 Wixom, MI.

I can't believe it!!
Another document for my TOY !!
"My name is Pete Rosa and I am the third owner of my Duntov/Bloomington Gold 1966 Mosport Green 390hp coupe. The car was originally purchased at Mays Chevrolet in Pompano Beach, Florida. I was lucky to find my car in Maine in 1992 with only 45000 original miles. All of the original documents came with the car including the Protecto-plate, original invoice, and lots of other documents."
"I spoke with Bill Gould at Auto Ancestry about the possibility of researching the car further. Bill accepted the challenge, and in a very short time was in touch with the original salesman who sold the car in August of 1966 at the now defunct Mays Chevrolet. He is Nelson Detweiler, a gentleman in his mid 70's, still living in Florida. It turned out that Nelson kept records of all his sales, and he still has his original personal notebook with a handwritten entry detailing the sale of my car to Mr Kelly, who paid cash for the car. Nelson's commission was $82.13 for the sale. He is a car guy and I have enjoyed talking with him for hours on the phone, as well as receiving numerous Mays Chevrolet memorabilia from him."
"I can't thank Bill Gould enough for making this unbelievable connection to the past for me. I would have never believed that he could do it."

PS: Nelson and I will meet in person at the 2010 NCRS National Convention at Charlotte.
Pete Rosa


"I wanted to sincerely thank you Bill for finding the six previous owners of my 67 Corvette Coupe. I didn't think it could be done after trying a year on my own and turning up nothing. I knew the investment in your services would be a no brainer if you could deliver and you certainly did deliver! The owner I purchased the 67 from promised he would send me the history but after two years of empty promises I gave up. I have enclosed a picture of the Corvette in 1985 from the fourth owner in Vette Vues Magazine. I am visiting the sixth owner next week who has pictures and trophies from 1970 that he is giving me to add to the provenance and value of my corvette. I was actually happy to learn the mileage was higher than represented because it all tied into the corvettes obvious condition but all the options were as represented. Car collectors are just temporary trustees of history! Having you and your service available to all of us will make the hobby a safer place to invest in."
  C. F. Maryland


From Finland

"I bought my 1976 Corvette 3 years ago from USA and at first I tried to do some research on internet by myself I but couldn't find anything so I contacted Bill for help. I didn't really know what to expect but I figured I could give a try as I didn't know anything about car's history. Amazingly, just few days after the first contact, Bill had already found most of the previous owners. Luckily, all of them were very helpful and I learned many things about my Corvette. Bill did great job and I'm glad that I contacted him."
P. O.


Original Corvette Engine Reunited with Car!!!

"Bill Gould at AutoAncestry found the original small block engine for my 68 Corvette. He contacted me to tell me that he had found my engine but I was very skeptical, knowing that re-stamping is rampant in the Corvette world. But true to his word, Bill put me in contact with the owner and I purchased the original engine that belongs in my Corvette."
  Many thanks, Bill!!!
  A.B. New York


We were able to find the original owner of E.J.‘s
beautiful original 62 fuelie for him
in less than two hours.

"I had tried unsuccessfully to find the original owner of my '62 Corvette since I bought it from the 2nd owner (7-27-97). I had done a title search, and found a partially legible name on the back of a title transfer. I tried the name numerous times on different internet sites, but always came up empty. Then, recently, I was searching the NCRS "archives" posts, and came across William Gould, who was helping a member find a previous owner. I emailed Bill my original owner's name, and he sent me a couple phone #'s, but neither was the correct person. Bill then suggested an alternate spelling, and the second phone # he gave me was my '62's original owner! It was a memorable experience to say the least to hear first person of the first days and years of my car's existence! I was able to find out every thing about the car since he ordered it, took delivery (10-23-61), and traded it (10-1-64) on a new '64 coupe. Information included why, when, where he bought the car, as well as conformation of original equipment, and possibility of some original paperwork and old pictures. I'm waiting for warmer weather, though, as he wants to drive his '99 up for a visit to see and take a ride in his old '62, and deliver any paperwork/photos. I still can't believe this has happened, and I'm sure it wouldn’t have happened without Bill's diligence/expertise!"
  EJ Storrer



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