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        After years of dithering, I finally purchased the #1 car on my bucket list, a 1966 convertible 4spd. The car is in incredible condition for its age and I wondered why. The guy I bought it from was not your typical corvette guy. He had been surprised to unexpectedly win the car in a raffle by a charity he supported and had just tucked it away in a garage for 15 years putting less than 2,000 miles on it.

He told me he just wasn't curious enough about the car to ask the raffle people about its history. He even let a repair shop replace the gas tank without knowing to ask them to save the sticker on top of it. All I could

find out on my own (thanks to NCRS) was that the car had originally been sold by a Chevy dealer in Detroit. I contacted Bill Gould and he immediately went to work. Before long he obtained titles going back years and even contact names and phone numbers for previous owners. Bill found the guy that had done a frame off resto on the car in the late 80's which explained why the frame, birdcage, paint and interior were in such great condition. Bill seems to know just about everybody who supports this hobby and he works unbelievably fast. If you're curious about your cars history...Bill is the guy you need to know. 
J T 
Columbus, Ga


Thanks Bill

My name is Gregers and I am living in Denmark in Europe. I am the owner of a 1965 corvette big block, a 1967 corvette and a 68.I had for a long time wanted to get some information on my cars. But it is a very difficult task when one is on the other side of the Atlantic. I was very fortunate to get in connection with Mr. Gould who has done a great job finding many of the owners for me. As for the 1965 Bill was able to find old pictures and owners going back to 1973.On the 1967 we are still waiting for one of the owners to call back. The 1968 is an old drag race and track car running times in the 9 sec. range. Bill has been able to find the first owner, a

Doctor from Arizona who ordered the car for racing only. He had to wait 6 months before GM was able to deliver the car. The first owner confirms that the car came equipped with a high performance motor rockcrusher gearbox and a 4.11 rear. This 68 was racing from 68-71 and then standing still for many years until getting titled for the first time in 1984. I am the fourth owner. I am very pleased with the job Auto Ancestry has done for me. The good part of having Bill searching for owners is the very low prices that he is asking. Thanks!
Gregers Valeur     

Thank You, Bill. You are the man! I purchased my 1966 L79 Laguna Blue Corvette from a guy in Quebec, Canada. I researching it before I bought it to make sure it was numbers matching with the original motor, but that wasn't enough. I wanted more. So I got in touch with Bill and he got the ball rolling. He found 7 previous owners. Not only did he find the owners but he found about 50 sheets of papers (mostly invoices) pertaining to my corvette. Also in the papers was a few pictures from the previous owners and an actual newspaper ad in the early 80's that listed my corvette for sale. Bill's service and company is TOP NOTCH and I recommend anyone who is looking for info or even a car to use his services. Our hobby is VERY lucky to have him. C:\Users\bill\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\WLMDSS.tmp\WLMA252.tmp\New Image7.jpg
Shane Panchyshyn
Edmonton, AB Canada


 In 2008, I realized a childhood dream by becoming the owner of a 1969 Corvette L88 convertible.  With the car came the tank sticker and ownership history back to 1983. As all L88s were special order and mine had some rare options, I was sure the car had an interesting ownership history that needed to be discovered.  I wanted to find out who ordered the L88 and what they did with it.  I tried to uncover the early history of the car myself by making some contacts and placing ads in various publications, but to no avail.   I quickly came to a dead end.  Unwilling to give up so easily, I had seen the ad for Auto Ancestry in the NCRS Driveline and gave Bill Gould a call.  Bill has been unbelievably helpful and knowledgeable throughout the three year search on my car.  He has not lost his focus or been discouraged even when it seemed we had exhausted all our leads.  Bill even searched 1983 microfilmed newspaper classified ads near the oldest known address of the L88.  Our search stalled when the earliest known owner, who was incarcerated, would not respond to our inquiries.

      A major breakthrough in March 2011 occurred when the NCRS was able to provide the dealership information for the L88.  It was delivered to Coupe Chevrolet in Flourtown, PA, north of Philadelphia.  Bill immediately set to work scouring the area for information.  We found the sons of the deceased dealership owners, who remembered the L88 arriving on the delivery truck.   Unfortunately, they did not know who took delivery of the car and Bill and I were at another dead end.  As a final long shot, Bill placed an ad in the major Philly newspaper to run over the weekend.  On July 4, 2011, we got a call from a gentleman who street raced a 1968 Corvette L89 back in the day.  He was able to identify the original owner of the L88, as they were buddies who drag raced together in the late 1960’s!  He said the original owner, Ken Klinger, was alive and well and they had just seen each other not six months ago.  This was momentous news as one of my biggest fears was that all the hard work might be for naught if the original owner was deceased.   With a little more sleuthing, we were able to contact Mr. Klinger who confirmed that he was in fact the original owner of the L88.  He ordered the car as an eighteen year old in late 1968, intending to street race and drag race it.  Mr. Klinger was gracious enough to send me five photographs of him drag racing the L88 during the summer of 1969!  The coup de grace occurred when we were able to reunite Mr. Klinger with his L88 after nearly 40 years at the 2011 NCRS National Convention, where the L88 earned a Top Flight.  None of this would have been possible without the hard work of Bill Gould.

J. Michael Wiater
October 2, 2011

    AutoAncestry is a wish come true! I emphatically recommend the service to anyone and everyone I can! I started out only knowing a name on a title from the dealership I bought my '56 from. Within a few short months I had names and contact info on all owners back 51 years!!! I can't convey the excitement of speaking to the previous owners and being able to really verify mileage, options, and any modifications. I have even been sent documentation, receipts, etc from the owners who still had some. I also stay in  touch with all them via phone and email often sending them pictures and updates on the carthey all wish they still had as I restore it. Oneowner had even met his wife of 40+ years because of this car and what a thrill it was for him to speak with C:\Users\bill\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\WLMDSS.tmp\WLME1FA.tmp\vette.jpg
 me and get pictures after all these years.
    Why believe possible faked paperwork when you buy your dream car when you can actually speak to the owners who can be found that are still with us! THAT is real provenance! This is the absolute best money I have ever spent on any of my cars and is worth every penny and much more, never mind the added value it could bring to your car! CarFax could never hold a candle to this! Thank you Bill for truly bringing my cars history alive!  
Bakersfield CA   1956 Corvette


Found! Dave's First Corvette!

"My first Corvette was a 1977 which I purchased new off of the showroom floor. After driving it for 5 years, I traded it in for a new Camaro, a decision I always regretted. I didn't own the Camaro very long at all and started buying Corvettes again always remembering that first 1977. In about 2005, I started trying to find out if my original '77 still existed and if I could re-acquire it but could not find out anything about the car. In 2009 I saw Bill Gould's ad in one of the car magazines and decided to give him a shot at finding my long lost car. Using Bill's process and his company Auto Ancestry, I was able to find my car and have recently purchased it. Many thanks to Bill for all of his help. His service was fast, efficient, and reasonably priced. Enclosed is an old photo of my car from when I first owned it."


"I purchased my first Corvette a "numbers matching" 1971 roadster in 2007 that had been stored for 30 years according to dates and mileage recorded on the service stickers on the driver's door. The car didn't have its tank sticker or any other documentation so naturally, my thoughts turned to its history. I contacted the dealer who sold me the car however he was unable to put me in touch with the previous owner. He knew only that it came from Ohio but was unsure where. I tried to get information through the NCRS and even called the Ohio DOT who told me that they could not release information regarding previous owners due to privacy laws. That is when I contacted Bill. Within a couple of weeks, Bill had all the information I requested, previous owners back to '74 and a confirmation of the car's history back to that point. The process was a no-brainer for me, I just related all that I knew about the car to Bill and he did the rest. Great work and fast too."

Hello Billy 

A big thank you for discovering that my 69 Black Vette was a fake. We are finalizing the Papers now for the scum bag to take the car back for a full refund. If it wasn't for you and your detective work, I would have never known the car was painted in the 70's. I would have gone about my merry way and maybe sometime down the road made the discovery, which would have been too late anyway. I would never buy another high dollar car without knowing the history. They're mostly fakes. 

Use this as another testimonial. 

Toss one up for the good guys. 

Way to go Billy 

All the best
L.L. St Louis

To whom it may concern                                                            

   I greatly recommend Mr. Bill Gould for any research or history you may want to find on your classic Corvette. I have 2 Mid Year cars, a 1965 396ci Silver Roadster I bought is 1988( I had it awarded Bloomington Gold 1990), and at 1967 427/435 Silver Coupe I bought in 2002 (NCRS 2001).

   For years I’ve been trying to find history on both cars, always coming to a dead end. At random I answered Bill’s ad in the NCRS news letter To my delight, I now have the following because of his amazing work.

* On my 1967, he found the Original Owner who sent me the original Dealer Invoice. He also sent me a great photo of the car along side one of his friends corvette, the original Manual and Radio instruction booklet. This summer he’s coming to my town (St. Louis) to be reunited with the car. Billy found all of this, starting with just the Tank Sticker.

* On my 1965, he found the owner and restorer in 1984. He was able to confirm that he bought the car from the Original Owners widow in California. After he restored it, he sold it to a dealer in New Hampshire, where I bought the car.  So except for the dealer

and the restorer, there was only one other owner for 19 years. We’re on the march to find out the rest of the History of these cars, with Billy’s help. Thanks Bill for your patience and persistence.
Best Regards,
Your friend L.L.
  St. Louis, Mo.


Thank you for tracking down six former owners of my numbers matching 1969Z/28 Camaro.  It was a wonderful experience to be able to talk with the owner listed on the 1969 Protect-O-Plate.  He told me a lot of information about buying the car after his return from Vietnam and it was great to see all of his original pictures.  It is unusual how the car passed from Air Force guy to Air Force guy from 1969 to 2011.  In talking with all of the owners, it was an eye-opener to see the part that the Camaro played in their lives.  They all loved the car but they would end up being transferred to another base like Guam or go to Vietnam and they would end up having to sell the Camaro.  The one constant funny experience with all of them is they all remembered that the gear ratio on the rear end was 4:10.

   I really would have gotten nowhere without your help.  The former owners are all over the USA from CT to CA and I don't know how you did it.  I tried with a lot of Internet searches, but was not successful.  Your success allowed me to talk with them and has given the Camaro a personality since it played such a significant role in their lives.
   Thanks for all of your excellent detective work!!!
David S.


Gary F almost bought an “original engine” 65 365hp Corvette that turned out to have a re-stamped engine, a fact that was unknown to the seller. This investigation had to be done quickly, and required eight hours of research but saved Gary from buying a car he didn’t want.

"When I found a beautiful original matching number’s ’65 365hp Corvette at a national show I was convinced this was the car for me. As the owner of a straight axle Corvette and not familiar with all of the details of a mid-year Corvettes, I was fortunate to have three friends (all midyear owners) carefully scrutinized the car and give it their blessing. The car had been through a complete body off restoration but the current owner did not know who had done the work. I placed a deposit on the car and agreed to take delivery in seven days. Nervously about to spend a large sum of money, I wanted to assure myself that what I was buying was authentic. With only a copy of the current title, I started my internet search to see if I could trace any of the previous owners. With the title, I was able to contact the previous owner but he knew very little of the history. I appeared to be at a dead end. When I turned my information to Bill Gould, it was amazing what he was able to learn. Not only did he find the next owner back who was a dealer but found that the car had spent time in Washington state. With very little information, Bill found the name of a person who had owned the car and currently lived in Washington. I made the call and found that his gentleman was the person who had done the restoration. He was very willing to provide me information about the vehicle. When I asked about the engine and the original stamping, I was told that the engine pad was blank when he owned it. WOW! I had just discovered that this car did not have its original engine. This was a major discovery that had great impact on the value of the vehicle. I was very lucky and ended up not buying the car. The seller was surprised but gracious and returned my deposit."

Thank you Bill!
Gary F


"Morning Bill,

All of your efforts in tracking down my Corvette have paid off big dividends. I had a very good phone conversation with J.B. early last week. He thought he bought the '61 from C.U. but his phone number was nowhere to be found. However, I am fortunate enough to have a very creative secretary who works in my department. With a great deal of persistence she found me a phone number. I called the number and spoke to his wife regarding what I was interested in. She said C.U. was not in but she said she would have him call me. He called yesterday and we had a great and interesting conversation. C.U. is now 64 and was the guy who raced the car. He was also the guy who removed the motor and transmission, but said that was too many years ago to remember what he did with the motor and transmission. But there is more. He said he did not sell the car to J.B. He said he sold the car to R.C. who sold the car to J.B. He also advised he bought the car from J.D. who bought the car from B.B. who he thinks bought the car from R.B. , the original owner. So the car has changed hands several times in its life and I am zeroing in thanks to you getting me the one contact that has created this trail. I just wanted you to know this and to thank you again. You're the best."
Gary S. , Texas


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